Churros & Food


Churro pops
"You cannot stop at one bite, we dare you to!" Bite sized churros tossed in our cinnamon sugar, gr..
Classic Churros
"A must try at Churrolto!" Our famous churros freshly piped on order, fried till golden , sprinkle..


Fish Chips
FISH CHIPS - Yes, you’ve read it right! Bringing to your table - The New Fish chips are delightf..
Spring Cheese Filo Parcels
Experience a burst of cheesy goodness encased in a golden, crispy and flaky pastry shell along wit..

Start with these

Buttermilk Fried Chicken (Hormone - free range)
If you stop at one bite, it's on us!! Our own secret recipe of fried chicken, we call it BFC. This..
Buttermilk Fried Paneer
"Our own secret recipe of fried paneer, we call it BFP!"


Crispy Chicken Burger
Our 5 step burger includes ... boiling , shredding , gathering , crumb coating and deep-frying. Bo..
Crispy Veg Burger
Veggie goodness bound burger, crispy and full of character with different vegetables. Patty made w..
Pesto Sandwich
"Oh, this one has a long story from bread, to pesto , to assembly. Watch the full video on our ins..

PIZZA - Paper Thin Crust

Margherita pizza
"Margherita pizza made with monterosso and heirloom tomatoes on our new paper thin crust" Fresh mo..
Piri Piri Chicken pizza
Whether you're a spice lover or simply craving a unique twist on a classic pizza, try our new piri..


Poached fish with Ginger Broth
"Refreshingly low calorie Red Snapper poached fish in soothing ginger broth " poached Red Snapper ..
Tofu Steak

Pasta (Home Made)

Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese (Homemade Pasta)
As you sit down at the cozy Italian restaurant, the aroma of freshly made pasta fills the air. You..
Spaghetti Basil Pesto (Homemade Pasta)
Our house made spaghetti , not from packet … It’s herby, parmesany, garlicky and always a crow..
Gnocchi Pesto (Homemade Pasta)
These soft pillowy Gnocchi , made with potato , parmesan and flour tossed in our house made rich p..
Tagliatelle Silky Alfredo (Homemade Pasta)
Broad fresh pasta cooked in a rich white sauce and vegetables.
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