Lite Desserts (Sugar-Free September)

Low Calorie • No Sugar Desserts
Lite Tiramisu (No Alcohol•No Sugar)
The word LITE , indicates its theres “no sugar” used ! Introducing our Sugar-Free Italian Tira..
Lite Macaron
The great French biscuits made sugar free With Erythritol, 75% dark chocolate used to coat them & ..
Lite Brownie
"We dare you to stop at one!" Made completely sugar free with stevia / monk fruit. Almond flour sp..
Lite Chocolate Mousse
Our speciality stevia chocolate mousse made with 100% Cacao Barry Chocolate!
Lite Opera
Stevia • Brownie sponge • Joconde sponge • Coffee mousse • Coffee dark glaze.


French Chocolate Mousse
Mousse made with 55% Cacao Barry Chocolate!
Hazelnut Couture
Ground hazelnuts & cookie crumble base with hazelnut cream cheese mousse coated in nutty praline &..
Blueberry NYCC
A classic decadent New York cheesecake, topped with blueberry confit and fresh blueberries.
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